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CAD provides a wide variety of construction services to help architects, contractors, owners/developers, and designers achieve successful project completion. We provide a unique blend of expertise and methods to save time, reduce costs, and increase efficiency on your project.

Our goal is to remain ahead of the growing construction and building industry trends to provide relevant professional project management services.


  • Conduct constructability analysis

  • Review and advise on lease agreements

  • Identify site constraints

  • Develop project scope 

  • Perform Value Engineering (VE)

  • Apply for permits and expedite as needed

  • Define objectives for work phases

  • Create project estimates

  • Develop project schedules

  • Perform competitive analysis

  • Manage procurement 

  • Collaborate and manage architects, engineers, and designers 

  • Perform cash flow analysis

  • Conduct risk mitigation

  • Direct planning and zoning

  • Review and consult lease agreements

  • Coordinate with local historical society (as required)


  • Coordinate all subcontractors and vendors

  • Perform high-level scheduling and planning

  • Manage required inspections with regulatory agencies

  • Oversee contracts and permits

  • Facilitate project phases and logistics

  • Ensure safety measurements

  • Provide boots on-ground quality control

  • Generate daily construction activities reports

  • Communicate project status with project owners

Project management - Construction project planning.jpg


  • Direct and manage project work

  • Perform integrated change control

  • Control project schedule and costs

  • Control project quality and resources

  • Acquire project resources and manage team

  • Manage communications between subcontractors and project owners

  • Monitor and control project risks

  • Procure and control project services, equipment, and materials

  • Manage project stakeholders and communications

  • Conduct project closeout

  • Develop and manage project schedule

  • Develop and manage project budget

  • Conduct change order management

  • Mitigate budget, schedule, and quality risks


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